Reading on Russia Roundup #26

Ya Heart Vladimir: A Visit to the Regions (Kennan Institute)

Giant, Cyrillic block letters spelling “Ya Heart Vladimir” (“I Love Vladimir”) now illuminate Cathedral Square in downtown Vladimir, Russia. The cheery, familiar slogan brought a smile to my face – da, ya lyublyu Vladimir. In early August I traveled back to the ancient city (just how ancient remains under intense debate, with estimates of its founding ranging from 990 to 1108) in Russia’s “Golden Ring[1].” I first got to know Vladimir 15 years ago, fresh out of college. After living there for two years in the early 2000s I have returned many times, but not since 2010 –before the conflict in Ukraine, the sanctions, and the deterioration in US-Russian relations. I was curious to see how the city had changed in the last six years and what the mood would be like.

Can the US and Russia Still Work Together on Syria? (Carnegie Moscow Center)

After the recent breakdown of the ceasefire in Syria and the escalation of the Russian bombardment of Aleppo, asked three experts, one in Russia, one in the United States and one in the Middle East to comment on the question, Can the United States and Russia Still Achieve Something Together in Syria?

Посмертное донорство: конфликт науки и этики (VTsIOM)

Всероссийский центр изучения общественного мнения (ВЦИОМ) представляет данные опроса по теме донорства органов.

Понятие «донорство органов» знакомо 79% россиян, затруднились его определить 21%. Однако смысловая нагрузка, которой наделяется это понятие, не всегда соответствует реальности – 12%  респондентов имеют ошибочные представления о трансплантации органов.

Are Russians racist towards black people? My experience (Oneika the Traveller)

Story was personally interesting to me, for obvious reasons – I’m a black woman, and I’m mulling study abroad/an eventual trip to Russia. I’ve heard mixed news about the treatment of black travelers in Russia so far.



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