Welcome to Russia Reviewed

Welcome to Russia Reviewed. Here is my blog concept and what I do [last upd. 30 Jun. 2021]:

Focus: Informal reviews of print and visual media (primarily books) related to Russia. Occasional journaling.

Target audience: Persons interested in Russia.

Perspective: College-educated (two area studies degrees) but not scholarly. Largely nonpolitical. Skeptical and occasionally snarky.

Biases, limitations and position: here.

Topics covered: I write about whatever interests (provokes, confuses) me. Sometimes that’s Russian/Soviet history. Other times it’s fiction. Or foreign policy. Or visual kitsch. Or travelogues. You get the idea.

When reading any post here, consider the date it was released. If it was written before Jan. 1st, 2020, the opinions expressed within may not be the same as, or even similar to, those I currently hold. If you’re accessing a page via the Wayback, it’s safe to assume it’s outdated, no matter the publication year. Blog(ger) evolution is natural. The best way to find out my current stance on something is to ask.

FAQ: here.

Questions, comments and general inquiries welcomed. Please use the contact form below.

Users with Russian email addresses (domains ending in .ru): Russia Reviewed’s email provider of choice is blocked in the RF. Use the comment form if you dare – or send messages directly to my alt-address, cebdoda@gmail.com.