The Queue

This perpetually WIP page replaces both the 2017 review list and the Books page as the home of my to-read list.

  1. Everyday Law in Russia by Kathryn Hendley (law)
  2. The Red Web by Andrei Soldatov and Irina Borogan (politics)
  3. Russia: What Everyone Needs to Know by Timothy Colton (general)
  4. The Good Spy by Jeffrey Layton (thrillers)
  5. Red Sparrow by Jason Matthews (thrillers)
  6. Gangs of Russia by Svetlana Stephenson (sociology)
  7. Other Russias by Victoria Lomasko (politics, comics)
  8. New Politics of Russia by Andrew Monaghan (politics)
  9. To the Lake by Yana Vagner (contemporary Russian lit)
  10. All the Kremlin’s Men by Mikhail Zygar (politics)
  11. The Calligraphy Lesson by Mikhali Shishkin (contemporary Russian lit)
  12. Moscow in Movement by Samuel Greene (politics)
  13. Light-Headed by Olga Slavnikova (contemporary Russian lit)
  14. The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden (fiction)
  15. The Hunting Party by Enki Bilal (comics) *Unexpected publication date exception
  16. The Senility of Vladimir P. by Michael Honig (fiction)
  17. Everyday Post-Socialism by Jeremy Morris (sociology)
  18. Oblivion by Sergei Lebedev (contemporary Russian lit)
  19. Return to Moscow by Tony Kevin (travelogues)
  20. No Illusions by Ellen Mickiewicz (sociology)
  21. Return to Cold War by Robert Legvold (politics)
  22. Who Lost Russia? by Peter Conradi (politics)
  23. All That is Solid Melts Into Air by Darragh McKeon (fiction)
  24. Sex, Politics, and Putin by Valerie Sperling (politics)
  25. V.— (fiction)
  26. The New Russia by Mikhail Gorbachev (politics)
  27. The Limits of Partnership by Angela Stent (politics)
  28. The Winter Queen by Boris Akunin (contemporary Russian lit)
  29. Should We Fear Russia? by Dmitri Trenin (politics)
  30. Defectors by Joseph Kanon (thrillers)
  31. Russia: The Story of War by Gregory Carleton (history)
  32. Putin Country by Anne Garrels (politics, travelogues)
  33. Can Russia Modernize? by Alena Ledeneva (sociology)


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