Request Policy

I am happy to accept requests from authors, publishers, and community members.

Preferred categories: Nonfiction about Russian history, culture, and politics; travelogues; satire; historical and literary fiction.

I’d-rather-you-not categories: Romance novels; espionage thrillers; books dealing with alleged Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Accepted formats: PDF, .mobi, hard copy (if you are willing to send it my way)

Sample Reviews: Inside Russian Politics by Ed Bacon • Gorelovo by Vitaly Terletsky et al. • Fragile Empire by Ben Judah

My reviews, though frequently critical, always aim to be thoughtful. If I abandon your book, I will identify a) the reason for abandonment, and b) readers who would make a better match.

Please note that all my reviews are spoilerific – i.e. I will be divulging plot or argument details in order to critique a work.

Any portion of my reviews may be reproduced for the promotion of the books reviewed. A link back to my review or to this site is appreciated.

To recommend a book, complete this form.