Review/Request Policy

I’m always more than happy to accept books and requests from authors, publishers, and community members. As of April 2018, Russia Reviewed has no official TBR list, which means I can get to requests as quickly as possible. Request books are prioritized over regular stuff.

I review fiction and nonfiction published from 2000-present focusing on Russia. Specifically, I enjoy reading history books, political books, travelogues, IR, HOSF, satire, translations, and historical and literary fiction. Reviews use a standard 1-5 star rating system.

Examples: Fiction (positive) – Freedom is Space for the Spirit; Fiction (negative) – Patriot; Nonfiction (positive) – Russia: What Everyone Needs to Know; Nonfiction (negative) – Fragile Empire; Comics – Moscow; Travelogue – Bears in the Streets

Please note I am less inclined to accept requests for books in the following categories:

  • Russia-linked romance novels
  • espionage thrillers (unless unconventional, exceptionally bad, or falling under the Vladimir’ich Clause)
  • economics books
  • books dealing with alleged Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election
  • history books on the Stalinist era
  • textbooks

I accept ebooks in PDF or Kindle format, and hard copies if you’re willing to send them my way. However, I will first check the library system for your book. If you want a book to be read and reviewed by a certain date, please let me know. That may greatly affect whether I can accept it.

I’m critical, but my reviews always strive to be thoughtful and fair. If I DNF your book, I’ll make sure to identify a) the reason for abandonment, and b) potential readers who are a good match for the book. Be forewarned: I can be snarky and cynical when a review calls for it, and I’m equally likely to state unequivocally a book’s screwups as I am to praise its strong points.

Minimum review length is 250 words. I post reviews on this blog and Goodreads, and promote them on Twitter. Any portion of my reviews may be reproduced for the promotion of the books reviewed.  A link back to my review or to this site is appreciated.

All my reviews are spoilerific – i.e. I will be divulging plot or argument details in order to critique a work.

The Vladimir’ich Clause: Allows titles that would otherwise not be considered for review to get attention if the book in question features a fictionalized representation of Vladimir Putin (or a Putin stand-in).

If you’d like to contact me regarding book suggestions, complete the form below.