Recommended Reading

Russian Internal Politics

  • Authoritarian Russia by Vladimir Gel’man
  • The Return by Daniel Treisman

Russia and the World

  • Post-Imperium by Dmitry Trenin
  • Russophobia by Andrei Tsygankov
  • Russian Foreign Policy: The Return of Great Power Politics by Jeffrey Mankoff

Russian Society

  • No Illusions by Ellen Mickiewicz

Vladimir Putin

  • Vladimir Putin and Russian Statecraft by Allen C. Lynch
  • Putin: Russia’s Choice by Richard Sakwa
  • Putin Redux by Richard Sakwa
  • I, Putin by Jennifer Ciotta


  • Where Bears Roam the Streets by Jeff Parker

Contemporary Russian Fiction

  • Yellow Arrow by Victor Pelevin
  • The Little Man by Liza Alexandrova-Zorina
  • Maidenhair by Mikhail Shishkin
  • Laurus by Eugene Vodolazkin


  • A Comprehensive Russian Grammar, 3rd edition by Terrence Wade

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