Quotation Rules

I’m happy to have anybody quote or repost anything anywhere at any time. Just be sure to follow the rules of common decency and behavior.

  1. Attribute the content to the Russia Reviewed blog or “J.T. on Russia Reviewed”.
  2. Use a linking hyperlink
  3. Do not misrepresent me or what I said in my original post.

Don’t cheat by doing 2 out of the 3 rules.

One more thing: The only blogging/social media platforms I (J.T.) use are WordPress, Twitter (@theredshelf) and Goodreads. If you see anyone claiming to be “J.T. from Russia Reviewed” on any other site, it’s not me. If you see parts of my reviews, other writing or my What is Putin Weaponizing infographic on any other site, it wasn’t me who put it there.