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#1 I suppose it’s a bit late in the year to introduce a (possible) new feature to Russia Reviewed, but here we are.

#2 Chickening out, versatile verbs, geohistory, the endless blogging cycle, and more.

Russia Roundups

#1 Has there been a rollback of democracy under Putin?

#2 Foreign policy outlook, Russian Federation sitrep, Panama Papers

#3 Direct Line with Vladimir Putin, Russia in the Middle East, debt collector violence

#4 Approval ratings, Tolokonnikova, foreign policy trajectories, Bastrykin’s Kommersant op-ed.

#5 Chernobyl, a letter to the Russian elite, Chatham House report, Russian demographics

#6 Protest potential, NATO posturing, freedom of speech in the EU

#8 RBK “pogrom”, Valdai Club, mainstream news media

#9 Levada Center statistics, Cold War model of confrontation, more Valdai Club

#10 VCIOM press releases, rank stupidity, militarized Poland, Stalinism, Tolokonnikova in Lithuania

#11 Emigration, demographics, Levada Center, Lenin lookalikes on Red Square

#12 Russia’s “new propagandists”, Orlando Shooting, Kennan Institute, The Magnitsky Act: Behind the Scenes

#13 Russia vs. NATO, patriotism in Russia, the road from 1996.

#14 the politics of exhibition, an all time low for Russia bashing, electoral legitimacy, the Belykh affair

#15 Yarovaya package, emigration, diplomat harassment, Russian rich kids of instagram

#16 VCIOM press releases, Church-State relations, NATO’s theater of the absurd

#17 National pride, superstition, Crimea, political stars

#18 Trump-Putin bromance, potential for a coup in Russia, DNC leaks, the Hawks’ election strategy, honorable mentions.

#19 Dem/Rep. national conventions, VtsIOM press releases, Russian elite rotation, Olympics

#20 Russophobia in magazines, VTsIOM press release, cyber attacks on Moscow Metro

#21 “Russian” cyberattacks, “Russia-Iran condominium”, patriotic comic book, Trump-Russia connection, VTsIOM press release

#22 Arizona election hack, Brzezinski gives up on empire, Kremlinology

#23 Russia’s Pokemon gulag, Russia in Iran, Russian State in the Far East, Levada Center

#24 populism in the US and Russia, Novosibirsk, VTsIOM poll, parliamentary elections

#25 Russia v PornHub, Russian Duma elections, Putin Panic

#26 A visit to Vladimir, Syria, VTsIOM, Black people in Russia

#27 Party Like a Russian, Obama and Russia, VTsIOM social indicators, Putin Derangement Syndrome

#28 Russians on the US election, Retrospective Foresight Saga, Valdai Club, electoral ratings

Reading on Russia Roundups cancelled

Reading on Russia Roundup, post-election edition (#29)

Holiday Reading on Russia Roundup (#30)

Reading on Russia Roundup: another attempt (#31)

#32 Levada Center, US miscalculation on Russia, Moscow’s foreign policy, NOSE award, Kremlin-baiting Trump

#33 Working-class life in anytown Russia, Alexander Snegirev’s Vera, former Ambassador Jack Matlock on US-Russian relations, ant pictures, what do average Americans think of the Russians?

#34 Putin Derangement Syndrome, 2017 National Bestseller longlist, genealogy of American russophobia, prospects for a Sino-Russian rift strategy

#35 Collapse of journalism, Galeotti on Trump-Russia connection, why there will be no revolution in Russia, Flynn, oldest J.T. protoputin known to man

#36 Witch hunt, darkest Russian literature, most memorable recent events

#37 Trumpspam, unhinged Russia rhetoric, Russian with a political scientist, Vladimir Putin myths, New Yorker’s cover story

#38 Black swan events, contacts with Russian embassy, Paul Goldberg’s The Yid, Navalny “kompromats” Medvedev, Masha Gessen warns against Russia hysteria, ISSF Roundtable on Return to Cold War

#39 Sergey Kuznetsov’s Kaleidoscope, weaponizing comedy, Tom Clancy fever dream, “Shooter” and Russian conspiracies, protoputin’s cousins

#40 Hahn on Khododrkovsky, new Detente, learning Russian at the DLI, Baikal photography

#41 Anticorruption protests in Russia, Valery Zatoukha’s novels, the end of Russia Direct (as we know it), not so rebellious youth, summer series results

#42 Rise and fall of the ruble, Navalny’s dark side, Maria Gaidar, VTsIOM press release, worst Stalin drawing ever

#43 Selection and maintenance of the aim, “gray zone” conflict, graphic artist Victoria Lomasko on empathy, Syria, U.S.-Russian relations unhinged, review of A Bitter Harvest

#44 Trump’s America: friend or foe, Russia hysteria, J.T. is interviewed by Street Russian, ALTA emerging translator mentorship program, Russian Federation sitrep, some good advice

#45 NatsBest Shortlist, electrical separation, Russian beyond Russia, should Lenin’s body be laid to rest?, Chechnya, J.T. begins to crack under the pressure of Russisteria

#46 2017 Big Book Longlist, linguistic cargo cult, what’s wrong with American articles about Cold War II, summer school in Nizhny Novgorod, Credit Suisse/inequality in Russia, cryptic comment from the spam filter

#47 MCIS 2017, Bacevich on 24 issues addressed by neither the political elite nor the media, Oliver Stone’s documentary “PUTIN”

#48 TsEPR, low standard of living in Russia, Fargo cuts mention of Putin, Pushkin House Book Prize, Dmitry Medvedev

#49 Problems of Putinism, Sorokin’s Manaraga, origins of “Russiagate”, still no evidence

#50 Gadol’s Director. Instructions for Liberation, young Russians and TV, Zvyagintsev’s Loveless, the curse of Princh Dmitry of Uglich


#51 Popular revolt and the working class, nature photography, modern-day kompromat, WaPo’s big scoop, an interview with Vladimir Pozner, CNN journalists resign over false Russia story, Federation sitrep, time to flee, theme change.

#52 Trump and LNG, DIA’s “Russia Military Power”, Gukovo, bringing back the tsar, Russian-language TV shows, “Sputnik i Pogrom’ blocked.

#53 Putin and Trump at Hamburg, 2017 Russian-to-English translations, that Trump Jr. stuff, the Overton Bubble, J.T. makes some bad jokes and goes without TV for a week.

#54 The making of a Russian Studies course, Lev Kamenev, strategic stability, learning Russian, INF treaty, sketches, most controversial thing I’ve written.

#55 Protesting miners vs. VTsIOM, two books about Russia in English, Intel vets challenge “Russia Hack” evidence, new naval doctrine, sanctions bill against Russia.

#56 I’m behind edition. Women and the State, July Russian Roundup, published life, Military Acceptance Day, Navalny, and much much more.

#57 Nature photography, crowdfunding in Russia, a roadmap for U.S.-Russian relations, 8 theories on Trump and Putin, ‘Tank Tales’.

#58 Translations of Russian women, Sergei Udaltsov, diplomatic reciprocities, Russian navy, Khodorkovsky, visa suspensions, counterpropaganda, comics, and more.

#59 Weekly MOD graphics, marriage, Russian traditionalism, Russia scandal, nature photography, a review of Sir Richard Shirreff’s ‘2017’.

#60 A Slow newsweek. Or perhaps I didn’t care.

#61 2017 Russian Booker Prize longlist, unified textbook, Trump-Russia scandal (again), Zapad-2017, politics and blogging

#62 The final Roundup: America’s Russia blind spot, VTsIOM polls, Russian nuclear forces, Russian Studies Majors, experts without expertise, and more.