J.T.’s list of Russian cities (to visit, someday.)

Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Irkutsk, Perm, Ufa, Krasnodar, St. Petersburg, Sochi

Russian Language Resources

Memrise – good for vocabulary building; unfortunately does not address grammar or sentence construction.

Duolingo – the new Memrise. Interactive sentences help you learn grammar and translation. Structured by units divided into 3-7 lessons, each with its own grammar mini-lesson.

Morpheem – the new Duolingo. Excellent for building vocabulary and practicing translation, with commonly-used words taken from news articles and books. Tailored toward intermediate students of Russian.

Ba Ba Dum – learning Russian vocabulary through pictures. Very addictive.

Master Russian – Russian grammar and reading practice.

Russian For Everyone – Russian language self-study guide for beginners.

Pushkin Institute – comprehensive program offered by Pushkin State Russian Language Institute that will take you from A1 (beginner) to C2 (near-native) proficiency levels.

Russian for Free – Grammar exercises that allow you to practice case declension for all 6 cases at three difficulty levels.

Liden and Denz Russian Proficiency Test

MGU Russian Proficiency Test

Russificate Proficiency Test

Some Russian slang

Odds and Ends

Soviet leader personality quiz – I am Gorbachev.

World leader personality quiz – I am Putin.

Old Cold War/New Cold War quote quiz

Why does this exist?

Where you would live in Russia based on your mood and taste in music

Music preferences of Russian regions

Which Russian writer are you? – I am Chekhov.

Russian patriotic tattoos



“Once I asked my Russian friend to heat water in a kettle: “Dasha, sgori v ady, pozhaluista” (Dasha, burn in the hell, please”) instead of “Dasha, sogrei vody, pozhaluysta” (Dasha, heat the water, please).”

05.28.16 – Pick A Side, Twitter.

Vladimir Putin was sandwiched between DO///D’ and Novaya Gazeta in the “who to follow” widget on my Twitter homepage.

It seems someone forgot to pick a side in the new Cold/Information War.

Самый лучший комментарий

Ok, I admit it. I thought all the bears in Russia were dead, and that gangs of mafia might get me in the streets of Moscow at night. I’m glad the bears are neither dead nor on the streets, but if they were on the streets, I’d assume they were working for the mafia.

-comment, on an article abt. Russia myths (cannot remember exactly where)



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