Comments on comments

It has recently come to my attention that despite a high number of daily views and the absence of a comment moderation filter, Russia Reviewed has seen few instances of trolling, heated arguments, or comments policy violations. Either RR is still an obscure Russia blog, or I’ve got a very mature commentariat! I’m leaning toward … Continue reading


Too many books! [poll]

In a way, I knew this would happen. I completed all reviews for the upcoming July summer series and survived the trainwreck that was Revenge of the Kremlin, but instead of continuing my fiction streak by reviewing The Good Spy and Red Sparrow next, I’m returning to nonfiction. Having made the (un)wise decision to do … Continue reading

housekeeping / not russia related

The bluebird returns (or does it?)

I’ve decided to conduct a little summer experiment. I’m re-engaging with Twitter. (Yeah, I never thought I’d say those words either.) Russia Reviewed will resume tweeting under @theredshelf, though it’ll be much more restricted this time around. Less retweeting and explicitly stating my political opinion, more promotion of the blog and its content. Don’t expect … Continue reading