Summer Series is a Soonventually Series

Mid-Spetember is upon us, yet Quarantine with Bulgakov has not advanced an inch. It will likely not update with any degree of speed now that I have begun an MA program. The workload of said program is a net increase over undergrad, and the semester model has been replaced by a shorter quarter system, meaning … Continue reading Summer Series is a Soonventually Series

2020 Summer Series update schedule

As you might have learned from May in Review, 2020's Summer Series will explore Собачье сердце by Mikhail Bulgakov. Original plans were to cover the entire book in a month. Then I remembered that Bulgakov is dense af, and for the best results, I should probably take my time reading each of the volume's three … Continue reading 2020 Summer Series update schedule

Old theme returns on Mar. 15

Russia Reviewed's theme will revert back to the original Apostrophe on Mar. 15, 2020. RR has been through no less than four themes in the past two years. It turns out that Apostrophe remains the best way to display the content. You learn this stuff only through experimenting. Don't kill me, please!