Hello! I’m J.T., Russian major. The Russia Bug bit me about five years ago, and I’ve been involved intellectually with the country ever since. I’m not one of those starry-eyed young things who fell in love with Pushkin, Dostoyevsky or Bulgakov, though. I was drawn to study Russia not for what it once was, or what most wished it to become, but for what it is now. And what better way to explore contemporary Russia – barring residency, of course – than through books and journals?

Russia Reviewed is my first foray into the world of blogging and combines two of my passions: Russian affairs and book critique. No guarantees that everything here will be “agreeable,” but if you like Russia, books, or just want to hear a student perspective on the current Western-Russian conflict, you might find this blog at least mildly amusing.


This blog is a personal project and the opinions expressed here are mine. I reserve the right to revise my views on Russia or the books at any time as new information on the country becomes available. I might even indulge in the freedom of contradicting myself, albeit rarely. Consistency Police, I suggest you find another beat to walk.

I’m not Russian, nor am I funded by the State Department or FSB, though illicit financial offers and other general inquiries can be submitted below.




  1. Hello, I’d love to share some of your thoughts on my blog, but I don’t see a re-blog. Think you should add it. Anyways nice blog, been living in Russia now for four years and have come to love it dearly. Maybe you might be interested in doing a guest post on “Life in Russia”? Please come on over and take a look.

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    • Hello, archecotech. Sorry about the re-blog issue; I went back and added the reblog button to the sharing icons on all posts, so it should appear now. I’m glad you like my blog and I am very interested in doing a guest post on “Life in Russia”…is there a particular book that you had in mind?


      • When I started my blog the whole premise was to build bridges, uniting countries, sharing about cultural differences and similarities. Those who have been guest bloggers have written about different topics, to me it’s all about sharing one’s thoughts and ideas. Please take a look at what they have done through the tab on my blog that says “guest bloggers”, hope to have you as a guest soon.


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