Welcome to Russia Reviewed, a book blog specializing in reviews of Russia-related works published in the 21st century.

Against a backdrop of growing tensions between East and West, politicians, journalists, academics and layfolk alike have renewed their interest in Russia. A rich assortment of books is available to the inquisitive mind. Some seek to analyze in depth Russia’s political system, economy, foreign policy and other areas. Others seek to scare and shock the public, propagating the idea of Russia as a declining country on the verge of collapse, the greatest threat to international peace, or both. Russia Reviewed aims to provide original reviews of recent releases and relevant older books, evaluating each’s potential to inform one’s perspective on this fascinating country. Through this blog, I hope I will be able to connect Russia-watching readers with the nuanced books they deserve.

For information on my position and biases, see the Not-FAQ.

Russia Reviewed has been featured in Johnson’s Russia List five times: Feb 1, 2017 (#32); Apr 4, 2017 (#22); Jul 11, 2017 (#8); Aug 11, 2017 (#25), Oct 16 2018 (#3/30).

In April 2017 I was interviewed by Street Russian.

Work published prior to September 23, 2017 on Russia Reviewed may no longer reflect the opinions and/or style of the blog owner. Reviews are an exception, but gray text on the “Reviews” page denotes outdated content.



  1. Wonderful site! Thank you for efforts with what you write about and review and your site, and thank you for stopping by my site. Loved the following on your sidebar: “If a tree falls in the forest and Russia’s not around to take the blame for it, does it make a sound?” I’ll be following to gain new insights.


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