Eclectica 2

New roundup-esque format. A collection of articles found, books read and things done. Issues every other week.

Russian Conservatism review finally out. Favorable.


Putin graphic novels next year. A cause for optimistic pessimism. Or maybe just pessimism.


A carousel of books.

  • The Warship Lollipop, Issue 14. Zine comic by a local artist. A rare occasion when meditative dialogue and naive drawings came together for me. Read.
  • Being Nixon: A Man Divided by Evan Thomas. What happens when an introvert dreaming of grandeur winds up in an extrovert’s job? Reading.
  • Химия by Alexandr Volodarsky. A Ukrainian leftist performance artist recounts his experiences in prison. DNFed.
  • Сонечка by Lyudmia Ulitskaya. A woman swaddles herself in a cocoon of literature as the forces of both mass and personal history rage around her. Reading.
  • The World: An Introduction by Richard Haass. Good, if you like liberalism. Not so much if you fervently believe in it. Read.
  • Climate Change and the Nation State: The Case for Nationalism in a Warming World by Anatol Lieven. Can civic nationalism save the planet galvanize action on issues related to climate change? Hm. Read.
  • Новый баланс сил. Россия в поисках внешнеполитического равновесия by Dmitri Trenin. Put aside temporarily but will return once I have more time.


New photo project on infrastructure and political economy by Sergey Novikov and Max Sher. The blog Postsocialism summarizes it here. Official website here.


A carousel of articles.


Another blog bites the dust. My anteblog. It had been dead since 2019. Its closure was but a formality.

Featured image by Valeria Boltneva.

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