Russia Roundup #54

Juvenalia: Writing by a younger, less sophisticated me. Read on, but remember that this belongs to the old world. 🥚

The making of a Russian Studies course:

Anatomy of a Course (Russian History Blog)

Anatomy of a Course: Syllabus Construction, pt. I – Nuts and Bolts (Russian History Blog)

Anatomy of a Course: Syllabus Construction, pt. II – Assignments (Russian History Blog)

Утро в Брянском лесу (Igor Shpilenok)

Not necessarily new (Russian Defense Policy)

Rossiyskaya gazeta reports the first Russian Tu-160M2 airframe has reached final assembly at Tupolev’s Kazan Aircraft Plant (KAZ). But it may not necessarily be new or significantly different from the last Tu-160 / Blackjack produced at KAZ.

Biography of Bolshevik leader Lev Kamenev (Awful Avalanche)

One of the Lenin’s comrades in the leadership of the Bolshevik Party was a man named Lev Kamenev.  I was very interested to see Ria do this biographical piece (written by Petr Romanov), about this little known but quite interesting socialist politician.  What follows is my straight translation of the piece without additional commentary on my part.

Strengthening Strategic Stability with Russia [paper] (RAND Corporation)

This report analyzes trends in strategic stability between Russia and the United States, examines Russian views on the subject, and assesses current prospects for stemming the erosion of strategic stability between the two countries. Such prospects exist, but they would require a sustained effort and greater political will on both sides.

Interview: Teaching Russian (Street Russian)

Who is teaching YOU Russian?

If you’re lucky, perhaps you have a teacher like Olga Jarrell. Olga is passionate about helping students learn Russian! She’s a Russian language instructor at Utah Valley University and the creator of Amazing Russian. Although my past interviews have been with people learning Russian, I love Olga’s resources and thought it would be really interesting to hear more about her career + ideas for teaching Russian.

Is it too late to have an informed discussion about the INF treaty? (Russian Strategic Nuclear Forces)

The situation with the INF Treaty is getting worse pretty rapidly. U.S. Congress is moving to include what is known as “INF Treaty Preservation Act” in the National Defense Authorization bill. Judging by the language of the bill, its authors believe that the best way to preserve the INF Treaty is to join Russia in killing it (and to kill the New START extension for good measure).

In other news:

This week, I reviewed the spine in Figure Drawing: Design and Invention and learned a shortcut to drawing feet. I also drafted two short comics, titled “Origin Story: Your Sense of Disenchantment” and “The Five Stages of Russia-watching”, respectively. Whether or not I’ll actually draw them this summer is anyone’s guess.

I browsed the archives at the LJ community RU-KLUKVA-RU for examples of klyukva in comics (and how to avoid them). I reached that which cannot be unseen (NSFW) and fled.

Seriously, what is it with manga and Putin?!

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