Admin update: more streamlined process for guest submissions

Attention readers! I have revised the RR guest submission process to incorporate WordPress user roles. The updated process is more straightforward and involves less back-and-forth email correspondence. *This process does require a WordPress account for sign-in.

Step One: Fill out the Contact Form or leave a comment on the Guest Submissions or Books page with the following information:

  1. The book you want to review
  2. Your byline (a brief bio of yourself that I’ll put at the bottom of your review. ex. J.T. is a cartoonist, translator, and student of Russian Affairs. She holds a B.A. in Not Giving a Crap from WhatIsThePointOfThis University and is currently working on a double major in Russian Studies and Poli Sci at the keyed virus unit. In her spare time she enjoys reading and hovering uneasily on the edge of photos. She lives in Cricket-hell. You can read more of her work at [personal site].)

If I approve your proposal, I’ll send a contributor invite to whatever email address you used to post the comment. As a contributor to Russia Reviewed, you can create and edit only your own posts, but you cannot publish them.

Step Two: Read the book and write your review. Take your time.

Step Three: When your review is ready to be published, notify the admin (that’s me) directly. I will edit your draft – for last-minute grammar and coherence issues, mostly. I’m not a censor, though, so I won’t delete huge swathes of your review or tell you to revise because I disagree with what you’re writing. Once I publish your review (on the soonest Wednesday or Friday), you will no longer be able to edit it.

Once you’re done (and if you don’t plan to write any more reviews for RR), I can remove you from the ‘Contributors’ list at your request.

Hopefully these changes will simplify the process and encourage more users to submit reviews. Might I suggest you start with Light-Headed?



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