Russia Roundup #52

Donald Trump, LNG Impressario: Demolishing the Putin Puppet Narrative (Streetwise Professor)

If Trump has a signature policy issue, it is promoting US energy to achieve what he calls “energy dominance.” The leading edge of this initiative is the promotion of LNG. Immediately prior to his appearance at the G20 Summit (where ironically he will be tediously hectored on trade by the increasing insufferable Angela Merkel), he will speak Thursday at the “Three Seas Summit” in Poland, where he will tout American LNG exports as both an economic and security fillip to Europe, and in particular eastern Europe.

DIA’s “Russia Military Power” – A Missed Opportunity (Michael Kofman, Russian Military Analysis)

DIA’s recently released report on Soviet Russia Military Power is an interesting offering. In the 1980s, it’s forerunner titled Soviet Military Power served two purposes: first highlight the Soviet threat (typically exaggerating it to make a strong argument for defense spending) and second inform the public discussion on Soviet capabilities. This report does some of the former, and a bit of the latter. Disappointingly it is of lower production quality, lacking many of the maps, graphics, and photos that Soviet Military Power came with (my favorites among the old graphics were big manly Soviet ICBMs drawn next to very small American ICBMs). Thus, the report already achieves a part of it’s mission: demonstrating why we need more funding for higher quality reports on Russian Military Power.

Ситуация в Гуково. Хронология событий (TsEPR)

Прошло уже больше года с того момента, как работники ГК «Кингкоул» начали активно бороться за возврат задолженности по заработной плате. Центр экономических и политических реформ составил хронику основных событий:


The Orthodox Church has long had a preference for monarchy, although its bishops don’t normally proclaim it quite so openly. But who is to be Tsar? Aleksandr Prokhanov has an answer. Responding to Metropolitan Ilarion, he noted that the huge crowds which lined up in the Moscow rain recently to greet the relics of St Nicholas showed that the monarchical spirit was reviving in Russia, and that the time was right to raise the issue of restoring the monarchy. Ideally, the new Tsar would be a descendant of the Rurik and of the Romanovs, but there was no such person in Russia. A new dynasty would therefore have to be created. Prokhanov has a candidate in mind to start it.

6 More TV Shows in Russian (Street Russian)

In the last post on Russian-language TV shows (read it here), we covered adaptations of popular US shows, trashy reality TV, and a few good comedies. Here are 6 more shows you might enjoy…

Russia blocks the nationalist website ‘Sputnik i Pogrom’ (Meduza)

On July 6, Russia’s Attorney General ordered the federal censor, Roskomnadzor, to block more than a dozen “nationalist websites,” including the popular publication Sputnik & Pogrom. Prosecutors say Egor Prosvirnin’s website propagates “ideas of nationalist and religious hatred,” “threatening public safety” and “inciting extremism.” Roskomnadzor added Sputnik & Pogrom to its Internet blacklist, though state officials never identified specifically what content published on the website qualifies as hate speech. Meduza reviews how Russia’s biggest nationalist publication ended up banned.

Russia Reviewed takes Europe

As of July 5th, Russia Reviewed has now received views from every country in Europe. Thanks, Monacan reader!

Wait, I thought you said you’d switched to ‘Expound’?

Look, I missed ‘Blue Crystal’. It gave the blog character. I’m now using ‘Sight’, which combines the best of Apostrophe and Expound.

Side book #13

This week, I began working out of Figure Drawing: Design and Invention by Michael Hampton.

I might post pictures of my drawings after I finish.


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