Late to the Party: Thoughts on ‘The Putin Interviews’, part III

So…I finished part III of ‘The Putin Interviews’, and I actually have nothing new to share with you. Part III covers Russian policy in Ukraine and Syria. Putin makes many claims, which go unchallenged by Stone. Nothing particularly insightful if you’ve followed the region long enough. We do get a bit of irony though:

Through initiating the crisis in Ukraine, they’ve [the Americans] managed to stimulate such an attitude towards Russia, viewing Russia as an enemy […] but soon everyone will understand that there is no threat whatsoever emanating from Russia, either to the Baltic countries, or to Eastern Europe, or to Western Europe.

Putin made that statement in a segment from 2015. Flash forward to 2017, and you can’t help but shed a tear or two. From laughter or from fear – it depends on your position, really.

However, there’s still one part to go. I’m optimistic that TPI will prove to be more than just middling by the time it is finished.


An unrelated side note: I planned to publish the Russia: What Everyone Needs to Know review in June, but I’m behind schedule, so it might appear in July. Just a heads-up.


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