False advertising

This book was listed as ‘The Personal Diary of Vladimir Putin’ online, but that’s not what I got. At least not exactly.

I guess it’s time to learn a new language!


Also, this fictional Putin apparently is a more competent artist than the actual one:

But it’s still all awkward jaggedy s**t! 2 out of 10! 17%! HACK!


  1. It’s a great joke in the last paragraph though, after Putin is done bitching about the secrecy of the people surrounding him. The scan wasn’t really enough for me to establish the background.

    “Well, then I’d rather stay at home then and watch the second season of “Two and a half men”. It’s a genius title actually: “Two and a half men”. Maybe I should have them officially announce us as that whenever me and Medvedev have to show up to an official function.” 😀

    Sounds much better than most Putin biographies.

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    • In that case, it goes nicely with all the pictures of Putin being a general d— to Medvedev.

      However, Medvedev does look a little too happy about being strung up and drained of his blood…


      • The pictures are great. Looks like it’s a very humorous book, written by someone who had enough of bad Putin biographies maybe? Next time I’m in Germany, if I see it in a bookstore,I might get it. Or at least read a few pages… Or maybe I’ll suggest it as a suitable birthday present for me to some family member. No way I’m paying money for it on Amazon though, especially since the description does not make it anything unusual in the field of anti-Putin stuff (except for the humor):

        “Frei erfunden und doch ziemlich nah an der Wahrheit: das satirisch-fiktive Tagebuch des russischen Präsidenten Wladimir Putin. Der 1,70 m große Riesenstaatsmann ist bekanntlich gerade dann am lustigsten, wenn er besonders würdevoll, männlich und staatstragend wirken will. Wir sehen die Welt mit Putins Augen: überall Schwule und Oppositionelle, ein speichelleckender Fußabtreter namens Medwedew und das Generve aus dem ewig nörgelnden Westen Was man schon immer über Wladimir Putin wissen wollte: Hier erfährt man es unzensiert und aus erster Hand. Und ungeheuer komisch. Denn Humor ist eine der wirksamsten Waffen gegen Alleinherrscher.”

        “Written entirely without background research, but still close to the truth: the satirical diary of Russian president Vladimir Putin. The 1,70 meter political giant is funniest when he wants to appear especially dignified, manly and statesman-like. We see the world through his eyes: gays and opposition everywhere, a drooling doormat named Medwedev, and the constant irritation from the eternally carping West. Everything that you wanted to know about Vladimir Putin you can learn here from the first source and in a humorous manner. Because humor is one of the most effective weapons against autocrats.”


          • Hah! Sure, if that ever happens I can try a review. A lot of unlikely things will have to come together though. I don’t think I’m going to Germany this year even. Are science and technology people even allowed to write reviews for literary things? Probably on a blog it’s okay.

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