Too many books! [poll]

In a way, I knew this would happen.

I completed all reviews for the upcoming July summer series and survived the trainwreck that was Revenge of the Kremlin, but instead of continuing my fiction streak by reviewing The Good Spy and Red Sparrow next, I’m returning to nonfiction. Having made the (un)wise decision to do away with a structured 2017 review list, I now pull books at random, and the months June and August have absolutely no events or reviews planned for them. On top of that, it just so happens that a) I recently regained access to P.— Library (albeit with weird hours), and b) a box of unread nonfiction appeared on my doorstep.

I have the time, I have the options, but I don’t know where to start. Classic J.T.!

This poll will close next Thursday, June 8th. All listed books will eventually receive a review, but the top 3-4 picks will be reviewed in June and August.


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