The bluebird returns (or does it?)

I’ve decided to conduct a little summer experiment.

I’m re-engaging with Twitter.

(Yeah, I never thought I’d say those words either.)

Russia Reviewed will resume tweeting under @theredshelf, though it’ll be much more restricted this time around. Less retweeting and explicitly stating my political opinion, more promotion of the blog and its content. Don’t expect me to tweet frequently, however: summertime doesn’t change the fact that I’m a busy woman; and seriously, my livelihood doesn’t depend on Twitter in the slightest. I’ll leave continual, frenzied tweeting to journalists, publicists, talking heads, and my fellow millennials.

Is this change permanent? No. Do I still stand by my criticisms of Twitter as detailed in Two Working Fingers and a Smartphone? You betcha. Is there a chance I might fly away again, this time for good, disgusted with demagoguery and kneejerk? Absolutely.

Will the coming days be filled with #joy or #regret? There’s only one way to find out.




  1. Mmm… twitter is all about fun, trolling and pictures of Pepe the Frog. Taking it seriously is taking it wrong me thinks =)


    • “Mmm… twitter is all about fun, trolling and pictures of Pepe the Frog. “

      Pepe is dead. Like – officially.

      So it’s down to tits, kittiens, cars, “politota” and pics of food.

      Note – never had an account in any social network.


        • “Empty, superficial expressions of political opinion?”

          Pretty much – yes, this thing! I never “dived” so deep as to find the etymology for this expression, after all “-ота” is applied very videly (e.g. “годнота” for something really, awesome good):

          Which is just a mutation of the Old Russian word (not profane, btw!) “лепота”, which comes from the word for “good”, “beatiful”, “nicely done” – “лепо”.

          But, yes, upon further reflection upon the modern political discussion, you have to admit it’s genral emptiness!


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