Contact form dos and don’ts

Some wise guy with a bogus email address thought it would be fun to spam the official Russia Reviewed gmail with messages asking me for the “Sexy Vladimir Putin calendar”, a thing which certifiably does not exist. Instead of removing the contact form function, I thought it would be more appropriate to remind the RR community of several dos and don’ts regarding contacting me.

The vast majority of you don’t need this information. But all it took was one a-hole asking about shirtless Vladimir with tigers to convince me that somebody out there does.


  • book recommendations
  • beta reader requests – I love giving people feedback on their stories, and if your novel concerns Russia I’d definitely read it!
  • questions
  • comments
  • suggestions
  • interesting articles you found
  • sightings of my work beyond Russia Reviewed
  • guest reviews
  • guest contributor requests
  • questions about books (is X worth reading?)
  • lighthearted messages (ex. Hello! How are you?)

Don’t send:

  • spam
  • hate mail
  • government secrets
  • malware
  • pics of your cat (I’m a dog person)
  • art requests
  • orders for Sexy Vladimir Putin calendars
  • messages in any other language than Russian or English
  • questions about my personal political stance (no, I don’t identify with any political party; no, I’m not a putinversteher; no, I don’t get paid to write this)

Have a wonderful day.


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