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I didn’t choose the bug life… [images]

I’m happy to report that the insects are out in full in J.T.-vale. I spent Saturday afternoon scouring the fields for them, and caught quite a few!

No insects were harmed in the making of this image compilation.


Army ant on a tree.

tiny grasshopper

Ever seen a grasshopper this small? This is a jewel grasshopper…or a pygmy grasshopper.


Here’s a pair of females. Aren’t they cute?


A female normal-sized grasshopper for comparison.



Male grasshopper.



Common black ground beetle. Squeaks when touched – it’s adorable!


Field cricket.


Mother wolf spider with egg sac. She was 2 inches long (including legs). It’s unusual for this species’s egg sac to be blue. O, the mysteries of nature…


I had to sneak up on this fuzzy gray spider to take a picture. She was racing across the forest floor like she had somewhere to be!


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