Now accepting guest submissions

Attention readers, writers, and bored individuals! As hinted at in Russia Reviewed in 2017 part I, I’m opening up the floor to guest contributors this year.

A few requirements:

  • The book can be about any subject related to Russia*. Politics, history, travelogues, fiction, cooking, culture, memoirs, biographies, language, art, nature, you name it – I’m not restricting your creativity here. All I ask is that Russia play a central role in whatever you’re reviewing.
  • The book can be in any language, but the review must be in English.
  • You can also re-review any of the books I’ve already reviewed on RR.
  • The book must have a publication year of 2000 or later.
  • Your review must be at least 250 words long.
  • If you’re reviewing nonfiction, you might want to keep these questions in mind: What is the book’s position in the context of the current US-Russia standoff? / Does the book avoid popular misconceptions about Russia or does it perpetuate them? / Does it take a nuanced approach to Russia that will help its readers form a well-informed opinion on the country?


Step One: Using the contact form on my Author page (or writing directly to, send:

  1. Your name or nickname
  2. The book you want to review
  3. Your byline (a brief bio of yourself that I’ll put at the bottom of your review. ex. J.T. is a cartoonist, translator, and student of Russian Affairs. She holds a B.A. in Not Giving a Crap from WhatIsThePointOfThis University and is currently working on a double major in Russian Studies and Poli Sci at the keyed virus unit. In her spare time she enjoys reading and hovering uneasily on the edge of photos. She lives in Cricket-hell. You can read more of her work at [personal site].)

I’ll review your proposal and send a confirmation email.

Step Two: Read the book and write your review. Take your time.

Step Three: Using the contact form or jtrusreview again, send a draft of your review. This could be the email itself if you’re using jtrusreview. As the administrator of this site, I will edit your draft – for grammar and coherence issues, mostly. I’m not a censor, though, so I won’t delete huge swathes of your review or tell you to revise because I disagree with what you’re writing.

Step Four: I’ll send you back an edited review with my commentary attached.

Step Five: Make necessary changes and send me the final draft. I’ll post it on Russia Reviewed on the soonest Wednesday or Friday.

Super bonus points and privileges* awarded for covering Russian books, especially the following titles:

  • Лампа Мафусаила, или Крайняя битва чекистов с масонами – Victor Pelevin
  • Any other Pelevin books
  • Свобода по умолчанию – Igor Sakhnovsky
  • Воля вольная – Victor Remizov
  • Малиновый пеликан – Vladimir Voinovich

*Be wary of the following topics: Stalinism, the Nashi youth movement, Russian “fascism”, Russia in World War II, and TrumPutin.

**Haaaa, just kidding. Russia Reviewed is a meritocracy.


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