Your search results (454)

Ever wonder how people find their way to your blog via search engines? Now I know – and I’m a bit confused in places.

Unknown search results (425)

Nothing particularly shifty here – this usually means that someone used Google to search for your site. Google doesn’t reveal search terms for privacy reasons and has been encrypting the vast majority of them since 2013.

‘duolingo russian review’ (4)

Wait, is this the cause of the ‘random page redirects’? People are actually looking for this silly image compilation?

‘the yellow arrow review’ (2)

Self-explanatory. Glad people enjoy reading that review as much as I enjoyed writing it.

‘vladimir posner winter is coming’ (2)

Interesting combo, considering Garry Kasparov wrote Winter is Coming, and I haven’t reviewed any of Vladimir Posner’s books. (I’ve read Parting with Illusions before though – pretty curious stuff.)

‘lies in the mclaren report’ (2)

Almost forgot that little experiment in open forum-style discussion.

‘albatz телеграм’ (2)


‘review problems of the werewolf pelevin’ (1)

Werewolf Problem in Central Russia review? Sacred Book of the Werewolf? Pelevin is a werewolf? With problems?

‘perrot mcclaren’ (1)


‘lyttenburgh’ (1)

Somebody’s after you. Or your comments. I don’t know. But they ended up on my blog.

‘the 7+3 deadly sins of writibg russia books’ (1)


‘wordpress russian spring’ (1)

Now this one is interesting. What is the ‘Russian Spring’? And aren’t more Russian bloggers on LiveJournal than WordPress?

sergey armeyskov academia edu’ (1)

Sergey has his own blog, so this user must’ve been after one of his comments on RR.

‘red sparrow movie set’ (1)


‘россия’ (1)

Okay, I’m a little concerned now. This word is written millions of times across the Net. And yet this search entry brought someone specifically to my blog. Which means Russia Reviewed was visible in the search results for россия, probably within the first five pages, at some point…

‘russiarevie’ (1)


writing an email reviewing a book russian author’ (1)

I got nothing.

thom wheeler jo’ (1)


duolingo russian twitter’ (1)

Duolingo image posts or my posts about Twitter?

‘short summary of not by bread alone by nalbandov’ (1)

I’m surprised someone was looking specifically for this one.

victor pelevin yellow arrow read’ (1)


duolingo russian course review’ (1)


who s written by russian diary’ (1)

Who’s written by A Russian Diary? Anna Politkovskaya wrote it, but who did it call into being?

theif in law, bullen’ (1)



I’m afraid to type ‘Russia Reviewed’ into Google myself – of course my blog will appear, but I might not like the other things I find…




  1. J.T., this post made me literally laugh out loud several times.
    Google doesn’t allow to see what people searched for, but if you’re interested in practicting Russian, you could check out It shows what people searched for when they landed on your page. Not sure about WordPress compatibility.

    Евгения Альбац is a journalist on Радио Эхо Москвы. Thefeore “Albatz телеграм” means people looked for her Telegram channel (which I’m not sure she has, but I have mine, check it out :).

    Overall it really is very surprising sometimes what people look for on the Internet.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “Somebody’s after you. Or your comments. I don’t know. But they ended up on my blog.”

    Honestly, when I read this I began to laugh so hard, that I then started to cough for even longer time that I actually laughed…

    Well, what can I say? None of my friends could possibly be googling “Lyttenburgh”, even those of them who know me only by that nick name. Which means only one thing – I have too few enemies ;(


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