The book that just couldn’t be read

It’s been five months and three setbacks since I announced my intent to review Michael Honig’s Senility of Vladimir P. in a colorful reaction post, and now I’m about to push the review date back a fourth time.

Senility’s spot in the lineup will be taken by Jennifer Eremeeva’s Have Personality Disorder, Will Rule Russia and its new review date is TBD. But after four reshufflings I’m beginning to think my reason for pushing Senility back is that I don’t actually feel like reviewing it.

On the one hand, what I’ve read of the book so far is poorly written, unfunny and riddled with cliche; a diatribe not unlike what you’d find on mainstream Western newsfeeds. On the other hand, there’s definitely ample material for a review, and I’ve hyped the book so much between Intensity of J.T. and my setback explanations that if I backed out now I’d feel like I was cheating readers of something.

Seeing that my indecisiveness has gotten in the way again (and seeing that RR is 146% democratic), I now turn to the readership for advice.



  1. Poll results:

    6 people voted. 4 responded “Skip the review, but open the floor to guest reviewers”, one voted “do the review”, and one voted “skip the review.”

    It’s difficult to base a decision on so little feedback, but…
    Instructions for guest contributors will be posted in early April. And I’ll take care of Senility somehow.


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