The Forbidden

The Russia Debate encompasses various topics, and some are more risky to talk about on the Net than others. For the record, here’s a list of book topics which I’ll never address on Russia Reviewed (in no particular order). They’re really not worth it.

  1. Stalin. Need I explain why?
  2. The Nashi youth movement.
  3. Russian fascism/”Putin is a fascist”. Excellent trollbait. It even attracts trolls who own blogs and claim to be professional translators!   -_-
  4. Russia in World War II.
  5. TrumPutin. I’m not sure if such books exist…yet. But if they do and you suggest I read one, I’ll send the Ghostly Hand of the Pissed-Off Russia-Watcher across the Net and out of your computer screen to break your hands for typing such a thing.