On ‘Russian hacking’

You may have noticed Russia Reviewed has been deathly silent on the recent ODNI report, which purportedly proffers evidence proving the Russian government was behind the DNC hacks and influenced the US election to bring Donald Trump to power. This is because:

a) I’m reading and annotating it IRL.

b) Analysis and criticism of this report isn’t something I think belongs on my blog.

I followed the media’s disscussion of the report, but, finding little of it sober or rational, I’ve since stopped reading news articles. Now it’s just me, the report, a pen, and a healthy dose of skepticism.

My view on the issue at hand:

Of course it’s possible Russia is responsible for the hacks. It’s perfectly consistent with what Russia and the US (and China and several other countries) have done repeatedly for years. But given the stakes involved, along with the incentives for deceit and error, I won’t (and no rational person should) embrace these accusations as Truth until I see some convincing evidence publicly presented for review, which hasn’t happened yet. And based upon what I’ve read in the report so far, the “evidence” raises rather than dilutes my suspicions. I know fellow undergrads who could write circles around whoever assembled this report.

I sure do hope my refusal to accept official claims until convincing evidence is released doesn’t seem too Kremlin-shilly!

Oh, who am I kidding. If the media reaction to the ODNI report tells me anything, it’s that my position is controversial and in no way part of good journalistic or academic standards.




  1. If you allow me, here’s a take on some of these “revelations” by Anatoly Shariy, and Ukrainian exile who does not like neither Russia or the current couped in government in Kiev (and who primarilly devotes his time myth busting Ukr Media fakes) on some of these claims of “Russian hacking” (Eng Subs availible):


  2. Btw a little OT. I remember you had lost for recommendations but can’t find it right now. If you are reading in Russian (as I understand you do) try Дневник собаки Павлова by Pavel Krusanov. Rereading it right now – brilliant little book.

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