The Frustration of J. T.

Unfortunately, I won’t be publishing the review for The Senility of Vladimir P. this month. I’ve pushed it back to February. This morning I received a message from P.— Library: Senility is due within the next 24 hours without an option to renew (it’s apparently on hold for another person). I’ve only gotten about halfway through it – blame the holiday season, my laziness, the book’s blandness, or another convenient excuse – and I’m not about to half-arse a review on a partial set of notes. Spoiler alert! When I do eventually get my hands on Senility again and power through the rest of it, expect a 1- or 2-star review. Trust me, it doesn’t deserve anything greater.

(If I didn’t know better, I’d think the universe itself doesn’t want me to tear this one to pieces.)

Senility’s spot in the lineup will be taken by The Russian Dreambook of Color and Light (Gina Ochsner). But first, a review of Thief in Law: A Guide to Russian Prison Tattoos and Russian-speaking Organized Crime Gangs (Mark Bullen).

Moral of the story: Always make peace with your librarians.


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