When Santa arrives fifteen days late (and brings you the wrong book)

The package is addressed to me, but I sure as crap didn’t order THIS on Amazon.


I’m pretty sure I ordered this one. Thanks a lot, Knigamarket-via-Amazon Marketplace! /sarc

Anyway, I think I’ll just roll with it (the package is already destroyed and I didn’t get a packing slip or anything). Based on its description the book sounds harmless enough: the Russian equivalent of those cheap spy thrillers you find at B&N or the airport. Thankfully with a lot fewer tacked-on anti-Russian messages this time.



  1. “The package is addressed to me, but I sure as crap didn’t order THIS on Amazon.”

    Clearly – provocation of Kremlin! The regime tries to turn you, J.T., by deliberately changing books! Its all powerful our Regime – Everyone Knows That ™. Snding you this clearly tacky propaganda piece instead of red-hot handshakable book of a well known democratic journalist (“durnalist”) and suffer from living in This Country ™ – all of this is part of the Evil One’s plan (aka #многоходовочка).

    Be vigilant!


    • On Kononenko.
      I recently read an article in The Russian Review (academic journal) which described him as otherwise: a conservative, populist journalist, critical of the non-systemic opposition, a Holocaust denier even (the last is an accusation from the vague “some” cited in the paper).
      I would post a link to the article (“Russian Language in Contemporary Conservative Dystopias” or something like that), but it’s in a scholars-only online library.


      • Maxim Kononenko is not a conservative, populist journalist, critical of the non-systemic opposition. He is a pundit whore for hire – which he admits himself, freely and several times in the past (http://liberast-rus.livejournal.com/3061933.html). He will work and write for anyone – e.g. Ekho Moscvy and other liberoid outlets found him totally handshakable to allow his articles or to invite him in studios. In 2005 he took part in Moscow’s city Duma’s election from the “Open Russia’s” party (known owned by Khodorkovsky). In 2007-2008 he was in the top echelon of thoroughly handshakable (albeit – pint-sized) liberal party “Гражданская Сила” (Civil Power).

        As for him being a Holocaust denier:

        a) Kononenko is a Jew
        b) He was accused of being a denier by another Jew – mega handshakable serial gesheftmacher Evgenia Markovna Albatz (of the New Times infamy) – during a very loud seance of feces throwing between them two.

        Kononeko has no real ideals or values (again – all accordning to his own words). He is thoroughly “one of us” for the so-called Russian liberals, despite the fact that he tries to pass himself as pro-Putin and anti-protest.

        He’s a troll, who truly, sincerely despises all people around him, for whom other people’s values and political views mean only a target that sooner or later (dependends on the potential gain) would be hit by him. Yes, he trolled our fans of “Russia That We Have Lost” ™ as early as 2003 with his epic post about the life and artistic way of Talkov, and he also trolled the Ukrainians way back during the 1st Maidan. But we are talking about the same person (I can’t write “same man” or even “human being”) who suggested to the grieving mothers of children, who died during Beslan terrorist attacks to “go and birth new ones”. This summer the Persecution office invited him for a “talk” due to a potential of openning a criminal case against him on charges of extremism. The fact that he, in past, got 2 of his LJs deleted (and FB page blocked) for explicit calls for murder of the NATO personel and the destruction of the UK, should make it abundantly clear that Kremlin, despite accusations of the Westren “people in know”, does not tolerate such “conservative populism”.


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