Heads up: theme change

In a few days, Russia Reviewed will transition from its present “blue crystal” magazine style to a modified Ixion theme. I am doing this primarily for three reasons: to accommodate new content on the blog, to clean it up and make it look more professional, and to free up some space for media/images (I’m approaching the 3GB limit).

What will change about this blog:

  • post arrangement. Posts will no longer appear in a 3-column grid format. They’ll be linear with brief excerpts. (example.)
  • static page. When you first arrive at the homepage of Russia Reviewed, you will now be greeted by a static image, three featured posts, five of the most recent posts, and of course, a menu. The “blog” aspect will move to a separate tab.
  • location of widgets. Most will move to the bottom of every page. The important ones will remain in the sidebar. I may also have to find a new home for the blogroll.
  • font. I won’t use the default Ixion font, but I won’t be using the current RR font (Gentium Book Basic) either. In any case, it’ll be something readable.

What will stay the same:

  • content. Ixion is a purely aesthetic change. I’m not touching any of my existing writing.
  • navigation. You’ll still be able to find everything, despite the more linear post arrangement. If anything, I’ll try to make navigation more clear.
  • color scheme. I like the current color scheme for RR. But since the background image completely replaces the background in Ixion, the current blue crystal BG would be hard on the eyes. Its cousin “blue glass” will maintain both the color scheme and the blog’s readability.
  • infinite scroll.

Just a heads up…So no one wakes up one morning, searches for Russia Reviewed and thinks they’ve come across an entirely different blog.

Edit 1/2/17: Due to problems with Ixion, Russia Reviewed has returned to its previous theme.