Important announcement from Russia Direct

Today Russia Direct announced it will be moving to a new paid content model as of January 2017. Under this model, all of the site’s articles will be behind a paywall and monthly reports will cease to exist. If you’re a casual or occasional reader of Russia Direct, you won’t be able to read it anymore. If you’re a paid subscriber like me, you can either keep your subscription (and your ability to read articles under the new model) or request a full refund (and lose access to free content after Jan 2017). More information about the change can be found here.

Why am I not surprised this is happening?



  1. Well, obviously – it’s all Trumputin’s fault! One slashes funds for propaganda, while the other one sends his agents to harass shy and modest authors of RD with bills. BTW – Evgenia Markovna Albatz’ “The New Times” is also suffering a rough time – it will become subscription only since 2017, with 20 000 subscribers necessary for a magazine to become financially viable (as of now they have less than 10 000 subscribers). According to Albatz – they have money to last till the spring only.

    The reason? Why, they blame the Regime, of course! See, when Moscow’s mayor Sobyanin ruthlessly expunged all illegally constructed kisks and pavillions (including the newstands) near capitol’s metro stations, TNT lost a lion’s share of “their people”. Now, official legal newsvendors and retailers ask for real money. I’d say – the Invisible Hand of the Market ™ finally caught up with them

    Still – дотянулся, проклятый Сталин Путин!


    • Adomanis has gone AWOL. Rothrock and Galeotti have defected to the “Dark Side”. NYU Jordan Center misses more than hits now. Misperception and Reality updates slowly. UCG’s blog is inactive. And now RD is putting up a paywall.
      Ugh, I’m running out of outlets to read! At this rate Russia Reviewed might have to switch to a books-only model by January 2017.


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