Super sad true bug story

Early in the morn on the first day of finals week, I found a cricket skittering across my hardwood floor. I was happy to see it, not only because I was an insectophile who’d spent many a cold autumn day without seeing a single bug, but because a cricket was a sign of luck.

I caught the little black insect and placed it in an open box under my bed. Smiling to myself, I went off to the Union building for some breakfast (and a handful of berries for the cricket). But while I was gone, the cricket took a bite of an orange peel I’d neglected to remove from the box, became paralyzed, and died, just as I returned to my room.

I hope this is not an omen.



  1. This is really sad, J.T.!
    Though it sounds like a good intro to a kafkaesque kind of story. “As I awoke one morning from uneasy dreams, I found myself on a hardfood floor. Then someone caught me (jeez!), and then I died. End of story.”

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    • Apparently, orange peels contain a lot of a substance called limonene, which is a common ingredient in pesticides. Limonene affects insects on contact, effectively suffocating them by damaging their respiratory systems.


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