December updates

  • Winter break is coming, and I am ready for it – physically and mentally.
  • The Realm of Unpredictability is drawing to a close. I haven’t defeated my eternal tiredness, but I’ve learned to live above it. So I might return to regular blogging sometime after December 20th. If I do, reviews, short op-eds, booklists and discussion posts will return with greater frequency.
  • P.— Library has obtained a copy of The Senility of Vladimir P.! Creepy drawings, rabid Putinophilia Russia coverage standards, and rage-writing aside, I actually look forward to reading this. The idea is curious and I definitely see potential for some thought-provoking commentary. Well, the book’s blatantly anti-Putin synopsis and the 3.26 star Goodreads rating suggest otherwise, but look, I’m trying to be optimistic here! It may turn out to be a diatribe but hey, I’m always in the mood for some head-of-state fiction! At the least, it’ll be an interesting review. Or I’ll end up giving you readers the greatest holiday gift of all: my misery. You’ll just have to wait and see.
  • I’ve joined team ebook. There was once a time at which I was known as the ‘physical book loyalist’. I bought exclusively hardbacks and paperbacks. I turned my nose up at the Nook and Kindle. The aroma of bookbinding glue was one of my favorite smells, second only to the scent of fresh rain on the pavement. Well, that last point hasn’t changed, but now I find it fiscally impossible to maintain such a rigid attitude toward book purchases. We live in an era where a decent paperback book can cost twenty-seven dollars (even used copies)! But its Kindle edition costs $7.99, and for a book reviewer on a budget, that a godsend.
  • I’m pretty sure I mentioned somewhere on this blog I wanted to return to creative writing. Well, I actually went and did something about that today – I wrote 50 pages worth of worldbuilding notes for one of my novel/comic ideas!




    • Yes, it’s difficult indeed. I don’t expect to make any kind of manuscript from the idea until at least ten years from now. Academia has a weird way of sucking the creative energy out of you like that. Right now, I’m just jotting down notes, scenes, background, character ideas, and potential themes as I go – threads I’ll use to weave a solid yarn. A tale which has nothing to do with Russia.
      By the way –
      A while back on the Intensity of J.T. post, you mentioned you’d written a short story in which one of the main characters was based on Putin. Is there any way I could read it? I’m curious.


  1. J.T., I too wish you good luck with writing. You’ll keep us posted, right?
    And I can absolutely relate to the ebook team. Though I find that non fiction is more comfortable to read in a physical form (to make bookmarks, explore footnotes etc), it’s definitely easier to buy and “store” ebooks, than paperbacks.
    As for being on a budget, that’s so true. I’m curious, haven’t you thought about possibly writing to the publishers and asking about the review copies of the books? I use netgalley successfully, and I even managed to communicate with one of the Russian publishers successfully, in order to ask for a review copies of the books I was interested in. I’m sure it’s much easier in the US, and you have a well established blog with regular readers. The publishing houses might be interested in getting their books reviewed in your blog 🙂 Of course, that is if the books you plan to read are available (not some rare or old editions).

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    • J.T., I too wish you good luck with writing. You’ll keep us posted, right?
      I sure will, Olga!

      About writing to publishers – I’d never really thought of doing that… but I might try now. I always wondered how some Goodreads users got “advance reader copies” and put reviews up before the books were released. Now I know.
      If asking publishers for copies saves money, it’ll totally be worth it.
      On second note, doing that might mean I have to clean up/modernize this blog…


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