Caught in the act

Many WP bloggers deal with nuisant spammers and their occasionally humorous comments on a daily basis. So far in the short life of my blog, Akismet has snared countless messages from spammers trying to sell me mood rings, web hosting services, and Viagra (!?); asking me where to find my rss feed (despite the existence of an RSS link RIGHT ON THE HOMEPAGE); or telling me it’s time to be happy. But how often do you see one spammer who copy-pastes all of their phony messages into one comment?


Just for fun, I copied this comment into Microsoft Word. It was 5 pages of recycled spam messages.





  1. OMG I HATE those super long spams! I’ve never seen how many pages they are. They just go on forever and are a pain when they’re sitting there in your spam comments section on the dashboard. Glad to see I’m not the only one who gets them! 😛


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