Buying Russian books

Buying Russian-language books nowadays can be difficult, especially when the prices offered by my go-to vendor, Amazon, are pure highway robbery.

A handful of online stores specialize in Russian books, but most don’t carry the specific books I’m looking for. Or they charge prices nearly as high as Amazon’s.

St Petersburg Bookstore


Vasha Kniga

MIPP International

East View Information Services

By far, the most inexpensive option ( approx. $5 per book) appears to be Ozon International. However, it doesn’t display estimated RF > USA shipping costs in the shopping cart! I must also factor in customs duties.

Anyone have experience with buying from Ozon? Is it a good place to shop?



  1. I’ve never used Ozon because I don’t trust them with my credit card info! There are ways to get Russian books—I’ll send you an email about it. Remind me if I forget because this time of year is my department’s busy season and I’m liable to forget. 🙂

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    • I have used Ozon many times. I purchased from them not only books but also electronics, house items etc. I have an impression that they are quite reliable. It’s a big vendor afterall and they have their own distribution network. The only problem I can think of may be the shipment cost to the US. I have no idea how much it might be.

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      • Someone told me the [int’l] shipping cost could range between 1/3 and 1/2 the price of the book – I guess they thought I was going to order only one book. But how much it would cost for 3-7 books?


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