American Fascism: Lessons from Russia – NYU Jordan Center

J.T.: I’m not going to pass judgment on this article right now, but it’s…curious and I want to hear what you all think of it.

American Fascism: Lessons from Russia – NYU Jordan Center



  1. I’m geting tired of NYU JCenter “articles” . Is this what passes for the “scholarship” in the US these days?

    Most of the time I’d write “УГ, КГ/АМ” as a comment to every single article they publish there. But… the point? They won’t change, and their political sympathies and biases became known long time ago.


  2. Trump is a political pragmatist, who unfortunately has no fear of the extreme right. It is also unlikely that he is as dumb as he is made out to be. Despite having no experience in government, he has a good 30 years experience receiving and flipping negative media attention from the NYC press. While you can see his feelings getting hurt easily, he nevertheless works scandals to his advantage with a practiced ease. He switched from Democrat to Republican and back several times over the course of his career.

    I do not think he is inherently racist or fascist, but he seems willing to humor such people as a means to his personal achievement.

    As an analogy, I don’t think Bush-era neo-conservatives or their Democrat successors were inherently racist either. Yet their ideology could never be implemented if it were not for the status of “lesser people” who were politically acceptable targets for national ambitions. This in turn justified feeding all kinds of foreign allies you would never want to bring home.

    Similarly, Trump has potential to feed some pretty serious regression in the US government. I think it’s been pointed out that Trump inherits the national-security apparatus constructed under Bush and maintained under Obama. I have no idea where he will take it, but what we have seen does not give me confidence. It did not help that the Clinton campaign was throwing around some pretty wild claims as part of their strategy, driving people into the American-nationalist corner were really more interested in protesting the legacy of the Clintons.

    How you are supposed to relate this to an analogy with Russia, I won’t even pretend to know. If trump turns out to be an isolationist compared to his predecessors, whether towards Russia, the middle east, or both, that at least is of some benefit.


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