Quick updates

  • It’s kinda nice here in the Realm of Unpredictability. On the one hand, I haven’t managed to blog or even read as much as I wish, but on the other hand, my case of early-onset Russia Burnout has largely been averted. And IRL a whole new world of opportunities is slowly but surely opening up to me at the keyed virus unit – from the chance to work one-on-one with a professional translator to the prospect of a think-tank research internship at home or abroad. It’s possible I’ll develop a professional portfolio of translations or publish my [research] work even before my time at the unit is through. It’s nice to know that – both online and offline – you’re surrounded by people as passionate about Russia as you are, who see the ills of the current situation and aren’t afraid to speak up, and who care as much about your advancement as you do. It’s also nice to know you have a personal blog where you can always come to kvetch and moan about your Russia-related problems when no one else cares to listen. 🙂
  • By the way, have you heard of the Echoes from the Kremlin series, which appeared in Kommersant’-Vlast’ back in 2011? Very interesting, but hard as heck to translate! I just finished translating the Surkov memoir by Zahkar Prilepin. Next I’ll do Roman Abramovich.
  • I’ve simplified the main menu. It now has fewer drop-down lists so everything should be easier to find (and easier not to accidentally click)
  • I’ve also added some new widgets – the RAS barometer and a category drop-down – to the sidebar. The RAS barometer displays my current feelings about Russia [watching] (which lumps together American rusology, U.S.-Russian relations, Russian foreign/domestic policy, discourse, media coverage, etc.). Pay attention to the color coding, connotation, and differing sizes of the words. And hope that all of them don’t end up red.
  • The 2nd booksplosion (1st was Pelevin) is happening at P.— Library, and it’s gonna be huge. (Also very liberal.) Not sure if I’m going to read many of the books, though. They look only mildly interesting. (I hope Искушение Владимира Путина is some crazy satirical fiction that slipped in unexpectedly)
  • The Demonization of Vladimir Putin – at least *someone* cares about it.
  • Lastly, I’m mulling involvement in a comics-making class. Who knows, maybe I’ll have incentive to actually make Russian Imperialism Comix now.

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