Reading on Russia Roundups cancelled

I’ve made the executive decision to discontinue Reading on Russia Roundups. Blame the declining quality of Russia reportage, and my own weariness with poring over page after page of partisan commentary masquerading as objective analysis in search of Roundup material. Sensible voices are hard to find and the others are hard to listen to. Despite all I say about the importance of casting a wide net for perspectives, I still find a huge chunk of what I read ultimately useless. So why continue to read all those articles?

I’ve cut down my Russia-related newsletter subscriptions by half. The move will hopefully save time and nerve cells. But unfortunately, it also means the end of Reading on Russia Roundups.

Old Roundups remain archived under “Original Posts”.

Source: Clipartix.




  1. Congratulations. That was quite predictable. You have done what you could do. At least you tried. However as they say in Russia – плетью обуха не перешибешь. Good luck.

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