The marvelous book backlog

Ever heard the joke about the book lover with shelves of unread books at home who, by some squirrel-like impulse, ABSOLUTELY HAS TO buy that curious book at the store?

It’s based on a true story. My story.

  • Man Without a Face by Masha Gessen
  • Putin by Chris Hutchins
  • Russia’s Unfinished Revolution by Michael McFaul
  • Putin Country by Anne Garrels
  • Return to Cold War by Robert Legvold
  • Vladimir Putin and Russian Statecraft by Allen C Lynch
  • The New Russia by Mikhail Gorbachev
  • All the Kremlin’s Men by Mikhail Zygar
  • Город by Андрей Загорцев
  • The New Third Rome: Readings of a Russian Nationalist Myth by Jardar Østbø
  • Light-Headed by Olga Slavnikova
  • Russian Politics: The Paradox of a Weak State by Marie Mendras
  • I am a Chechen! by German Sadulaev
  • Russian Politics and Society by Richard Sakwa (4th edition)
  • Contemporary Russian Politics: A Reader by Archie Brown
  • Russian Civil-Military Relations: Putin’s Legacy by Thomas Gomart
  • New Trends in Russian Political Mentality by Elena Shestopal et al.
  • Putinism: The Slow Rise of a Radical Right Regime in Russia by Marcel H. van Herpen
  • Black Wind, White Snow by Charles Clover
  • Mr. Putin by Fiona Hill/Clifford G. Gaddy
  • The Strongman by Angus Roxburgh
  • The Limits of Partnership by Angela Stent
  • Sex, Politics and Putin by Valerie Sperling
  • Moscow in Movement by Samuel Greene
  • I’m Going to Ruin Their Lives by Marc Bennetts
  • The Good Spy by Jeffrey Layton
  • Red Sparrow by Jason Matthews
  • Russophobia by Dominic Basulto
  • The New Politics of Russia by Andrew Monaghan
  • Russia: What Everyone Needs to Know by Timothy Colton
  • Патриот. Жестокий роман о национальной идее by Алексей Колышевский
  • Господин Гексоген by Александр Проханов
  • Воля вольная by Виктор Ремизов
  • Крым by Александр Проханов
  • Пятнадцать лет Путина. Куда бредет Россия by Владимир Бушин
  • Россия в глобальной политике. Новые правила игры без правил by Федор Лукьянов
  • Путин. В зеркале “Изборского клуба” by Максим Калашников
  • Bears in the Streets by Lisa Dickey
  • Holy Rus’: The Rebirth of Orthodoxy in the New Russia by John P. Burgess
  • Should We Fear Russia? by Dmitri Trenin

This is my review longlist for the forseeable future. Many of these books already wait on my personal shelf (curse the Amazon orders I forgot I placed!).

Due to the list’s length, I’ve decided to cap off recommendations for the time being; however, all past recommendations remain on the list.

I’m primarily concerned with winnowing the lousy books from the decent ones early on and creating a schedule to avoid burnout.

My second task: preventing myself from succumbing to acute book lover’s disease and stockpiling even more books for the coming winter.


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