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A dangerous game

Before fall break began yesterday, I agreed to a “serious” bet with another bored student. We bet over who could produce a more reliable translation of a random passage from Maxim Kononenko’s Vladimir Vladimirovich (TM), as selected and judged by professional translator. The prize is preservation of dignity. If I win, the other student will have to wear the Hyperklyukva Shirt of Shame* in public for an entire day. If the other student wins, I’ll have to write a review for either Putin fanfiction, one of those crappy Russia-themed romance novels, or Putvedev romance-fanfiction (the decision is his). I have until the end of fall break to write the translation.

Wish me luck. 😉

*T-shirt featuring the semi-complete klyukva collection of bear, red star, hammer and sickle, ushanka, St. Basil’s Cathedral, matryoshka, tank, balalaika, bottle of vodka, and of course, shirtless Putin. Specially designed for maximum humiliation.


7 thoughts on “A dangerous game

  1. ” …or Putvedev romance-fanfiction… “


    OTOH I want to scream “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”. On the other – well, this is the Net. Rule 34 knows no exceptions.


  2. From here:

    “Oh, and by the way, about that fall break translation bet I mentioned a few days ago: the results are back…

    Yaaaay! “And there was much rejoicing” (c).

    How about pics of if not the defeated student but of the Hyper-Kltykva T-Shirt?

    P.S. And now for something completely different. Namely – “fake” (rus. “бутафорская”) klyukva:


    • Alright, so I tracked down the student (K.M.) again.
      J.T.: Hey man, can I take a quick picture of your fabulous shirt? Not you, just the shirt. It’s for my Russia blog.
      K.M.: You have a blog, J.T.?!
      Aw heck no! Don’t stick the knife in and twist it! Let me suffer my punishment in peace.
      J.T.: As you wish. However, I have but one more request…

      Because I’m a nice person, I agreed not to take a picture of the shirt. But because you asked, I did manage to make a rough sketch of it.


      • “Perspective [art term]? What the heck is that?” (c)
        I didn’t design the shirt (I forgot who did – I think it was yet another bored student in the department. Who actually had access to t-shirt designing material – I’m so jealous).


        • I really hope that’s not the end goal of the shirt’s designer. We’re kind of troped-out at the moment.
          But that’s the *magic* of stereotypes and capitalism!


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