The realm of unpredictability

Russia Reviewed is now entering a period called the “realm of unpredictability”. It’s not a full hiatus, but it’s not regular blogging either.

At present, I have many different matters competing for my time: my studies, my offline life, writing, art, translation, and this blog. My psyche’s begun registering that it needs time out from the intensity. Having run myself up against a wall in past situations, it seems wise to carve out some true down time now rather than go that route again.

I funnel a lot of time and effort into running this blog – perhaps far more than I should. Writing a review is almost like writing an entire report, and that’s in addition to the actual papers I write for college, which are stressful enough as is. I can’t do much to change my academic situation, but this blog is a hobby (I have to keep reminding myself of that!) and thus I can afford to cut down on activity a little without serious repercussions.

Again, this is not a hiatus, but more of a slowdown. My overall attitude to blogging will become more relaxed. I’ll still check periodically, but post more infrequently. Reading on Russia Roundups may or may not continue. I’m not going to stop reading about Russia – I’ll be doing a ton of reading in the realm of unpredictability – but fewer and fewer of those books will make it to review.

This period will probably last until December – or until I finally find a way to balance all those spheres of my life without expending too much energy.




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