Last of the Summer’s Insects

As autumn descends upon the land, the last of summer’s insects have left the fields, seeking shelter from the coming cold.

An antlion (?) on the side of a shed.
A very late cicada, which will likely die a bachelor.
I found a conehead katydid trapped inside an office building. I picked him up to take him outside…
…And he hissed at me. Not the most grateful insect, is he?
A fuzzy caterpillar of unknown species.
A three-inch-long grasshopper out on the sidewalk. If you look closely, you’ll notice it has lost its antennae. The quad was mowed today; that’s probably how it lost them.


  1. J.T., you are so brave. I’m afraid of insects, I hate even flies 🙂
    and you hold them in your palms! 0_0 And now I feel sorry for the poor grasshopper. How will it do without its antennae?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Привет, Ольга!
      I’m not sure what’s become of the grasshopper, but hopefully it’s still hopping around…and bumping into stuff a lot. A grasshopper’s eyes are very simple, only registering the difference between light and dark, so they’re not very useful for finding one’s way!


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