Reading on Russia Roundup #25

Breaking: Putin ‘Possibly Injecting Journalists’ With Substance That Compels Them to Write Utter Drivel — Expert Says (American University in Moscow)

Experts believe that Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has possibly discovered a substance which, when injected into journalists, causes them to write utter drivel. Suspicions have been growing for some time that Mr Putin has been developing such a chemical, but what once might have been consigned to the realm of conspiracy theories can, according to the experts, no longer be dismissed.

He Supported Bombing Syria A Little Too Eagerly, Now RuNet Pioneer Faces Prison (Global Voices/RuNet Echo)

On Monday, a Russian state prosecutor called for prominent blogger and oppositionist Anton Nossik to be sentenced to two years in a penal colony for publishing “extremist statements” online. Nossik, one of the “founding fathers” of the Russian internet, was charged in February for publishing a blog post on his Live Journal account entitled “Wipe Syria from the Face of the Earth.”

Prosecutors allege that Nossik violated Article 282 of the Russian Criminal Code, “Incitement of Hatred or Enmity, as well as Abasement of Human Dignity,” which carries with it a maximum penalty of 4 years in prison.

Russia vs. PornHub: Lie Back and Think of the Motherland (NYU Jordan Center)

Russia’s winters just got a lot colder: last week, the government banned PornHub. Given that 92% of all Internet use in Russia involves porn (according to one estimate) this is great news for Netflix subscribers—streaming video is going to be a lot faster.

Russia is far from alone in blocking porn sites: it now belongs in the excellent company of Bangladesh, Papua New Guinea, Botswana, and Sudan. Still, there are plenty of compelling rationales for banning or restricting pornography: feminist arguments (about exploitation of women), sex-positive arguments (about providing unrealistic and even harmful models of sex to virginal minors), and even anti-chafing arguments (about the industry’s role in driving pubic hair to the edge of extinction).

Sadly, none of these are the arguments invoked by Russia’s media watchdog, Roskomnadzor.

Russian Duma Elections 2016 (Mendeleyev Journal)

This building, home to Russia’s lower house of parliament, is known as the Duma. The term is tied to the idea of thinking, and those who thought that the United Russia party would increase their hold on power were thinking correctly.



One comment

  1. Very short version – congrats, Russophrenic bloggers and journos! You didn’t just hit the bottom – you broke through it and now in the free-fall to whatever second bottom there is (or isn’t).

    Re: Anton Nosik (note – one “s”), about whome I wrote in comments in the past. I see Isaac Webb’s indignation at Russian government’s clear and abundant expression of anti-Semitism towards innocent Nosik (LJ “dolboeb”), who just called for the extermination of Syrian people – women and children included – so that there was no any potential threat to Israel (his words, not mine).

    I see your “Nosik” card. Here is mine:

    UK troll fined

    “This is the internet troll who made vile comments about tragic teenager Mzee Mohammed .

    Rowan O’Connell, 23, was hit with a fine by magistrates today over the sick outbust following the death of Mzee, 18.

    The “gentle giant” died after becoming unwell while detained by police officers at Liverpool ONE in July.

    O’Connell took to social media website Reddit, where he made baseless allegations, labelling Mzee a “good for nothing, spice smoking, Toxteth monkey”.

    He added: “As I say, who gives a f***.”

    O’Connell, of Back North Crescent in Lytham St Annes, Lancs, pleaded guilty to sending a communication of an indecent or offensive nature at Sefton Magistrates’ Court today.”

    He was fined £275 and ordered to pay costs of £115.

    O’Connell admitted “going trolling” during a discussion by Reddit users linked to an ECHO report about the incident on July 17 – under the anonymous account Rolfy 420.”

    A clear victory of democracy, multi-culturalism, tolerance and rule of law! Not like anything in this barbarous Russia with it’s non existent freedom of speech.

    Oh, btw, Mr Isaac, sir:

    “The blogger, it appears, ran afoul of the Kremlin…”

    “Kremlin”? You lying piece of pressitude shit, Dear Mr. Isaac, sir, why are you not telling the truth? It was not Kremlin who decided to randomply persecute innocent (well, he says so himself, and who we are to doubt him?) Nosik. It was St. Pete’s lawyer Ilya Remeslo (about whom I also posted here in past comments), who filed an official request to the office of Attorney General of RF. Or, what now – anyone who is doing something unhandshakable is now “Kremlin”? Russian people, the civil society of Russia, turned out to be not as you planned them to be, so you either pretend that they don’t exist or claim that they are all agents of/branswashed by Kremlin?

    Azokhen vey!


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