Wow. Just wow.


Who would’ve thought?

The past few weeks (and one could even argue years) of Russia watching have been inane and frustrating.

Now seems like a wonderful time to unsubscribe from CMC (and all those other newsletters), close my Twitter, relinquish Russian Studies, abandon this blog, go cold turkey on news, sell my books, change my major, and adapt to another, less stressful life.

Poor Russia analysis isn’t amusing anymore. It’s crap. And if it’s going to remain crap for the forseeable future, then what’s the point of me even hanging around here?



  1. To counter the crap. That’s the point of people like you sticking around. Clearly, you are needed more than ever. Yes, it’s frustrating and maddening. It’s not for wimps. But if you stick around long enough, you may see it start to come around the other way.

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  2. Dear J.T.! Welcome to my world! 😉

    There is a reason why Russia Watching was so lacking for… forever. Primarily, because people are ignorant, and even one’s who know a little bit more are ignorant still, yet they are hailed as “Experts” and “Analysts”. And where it’s not willfull propagated ignorance – then it’s ideological reasons to spread lies and faulty analysis.

    One in a while people need taking a break from this seemingly endless torrent of articles, twitts, reports and condemnation. I took a long summer break from the Net in general, because by late July with everything happening and “trending” at the moment my always high level of Misanthropy had been already approaching critical level (i.e. “только массовые расстрелы спасут Родину”).

    Upon spending more than a month in un undisclosed location (which did NOT feature me wearing simple Chinese death-row prisoner’s garb, spending days in a barren cell with soft padding, counting rice seeds, and writing down with my own blood in the book made from the skin of handshakables the list of my grudges against their ilk… eh, I mean, totally pleasant vacation, nothing to worry about!)

    Stopping reading absolutely toxic Russophobic outlets is always a move in right direction, that saves your nerve-cells, prolongs life, provides you with more free time.

    As for the recommendation that, perhaps, for the first time in 25 or so years liberasts should listen to the people (i.e. not to bright-eyed elves of their electorate, but to those, whom they repeatedly called “biologic trash”, “vatniki”, “sovoks”, “one-cell creatures”, “biomass”, “bydlo”, “bearers of the slave mentality”, etc, etc, etc.) they gonna hear lots of things that they won’t like. Because most Russians support Putin, and liberals want to topple him. Because most Russians support Crimea’s re-union, and liberasts want to give it to Ukraine. Because most Russians are supportive of Russia’s foreign policy, and liberals want to “end the aggression” and surrender to the Western demands. Because Russians want the social payments maintained and increased, while the liberasts are worshipping the Invisible Hand of the Market ™. Because Russians are conservative in their day-to-day lives and attitudes to what constitute a culture or “normal” relationship, while the liberasts want to legalize all and now.

    All they gonna hear liberasts won’t like. And they won’t even half-heartedly promise anything from that list. What good would it make them – demonstrate that them, barely 5% of Russian population are truly, verily alien bodies?


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