First You Ride the Meme and Then the Meme Rides You

Russia Observer

What follows was put into my head by a piece claiming that in Syria “Russia [was] using advanced weapons system developed through a secret agreement with extraterrestrial visitors“. I’m not suggesting that anyone take this seriously but notice the assumption that Putin is in the superhuman category. Its creators are losing control of Putin Derangement Syndrome.

At first Putin was a figure to be mocked. He overcompensated for being short by taking his shirt off on all possible occasions, by catching large fish, finding amphoras and wrestling tigers. The high point of the mocking period was the Olympics: he’d squandered billions building a site where the water was brown and the doorknobs fell off.

But then the quick little regime change in Ukraine went sour and Putin became evil. As one of Canada’s professional Ukrainians put it “My Ukraine: A personal reflection on a nation’s dream of…

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One comment

  1. “Economist cover sometime next year: Cthulhu Returns!”

    And thus, Mr. Armstrong won the entire Internet.

    OTOH, looks like the cult of God-Putin, which started in early 2014 in the Ukraine, is successfully conquering the entire world, finding new converts literally everywhere:

    Next step – Putin is proclaimed God-Emperor of the Humankind and unites the entire Earth in the name of progress, space exploration and extermination of aliens.


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