Reading on Russia Roundup #21

The Russians Did It!…Well, Maybe Not. (Reuters)

Today, amateur burglars have been replaced by cyberspies, who penetrated the DNC armed with computers and sophisticated hacking tools. Now, in the latest twist, hacking tools themselves, likely stolen from the National Security Agency, are on the digital auction block. Once again, the usual suspects start with Russia – though there seems little evidence backing up the accusation.

A ‘Russia-Iran Condominium’ That Doesn’t Exist (The American Conservative)

To refer to a “Russia-Iran condominium” in the region is to distort and misrepresent the facts beyond recognition, and to say that it is “dictating events” credits them with far more control and influence than they have.

Put Down the Marvel and DC, Kids: Russia Just Bought You a Patriotic Comic Book. (RuNet Echo/Global Voices Online)

Timur Amirkhanov, a young man living in Siberia, is the proud recipient of a new 200,000-ruble ($3,100) grant from Rosmolodezh, the Russian federal government’s agency for youth affairs. Amirkhanov participated in Rosmolodezh’s educational forum “Terra Scientia,” where his proposal to create a “patriotic” comic book was a big hit.

According to Amirkhanov’s Vkontakte page, the comic book, titled “Time of Heroes,” is part of another project called “Honorable Choice”—a “military-sports” club for children that pits teams of youngsters against one another in competitions that test “tactical” skills, a knowledge of the armed services, and general physical fitness. The winners of a competition scheduled for this fall will win a free trip to Russia’s naval base in Crimea.

Trump, Russia, and the Washington Post: Reader Beware (The American Conservative)

It is almost as if some journalists believe that deliberately damaging relations with Russia is a price worth paying to embarrass and defeat Trump. If that is so, they are delusional, writes former CIA official Philip Giraldi.

Украина-Россия: вчера, сегодня, завтра (VTsIOM)

Россияне стали меньше следить за событиями на Украине. Оценки двусторонних отношений снизились до исторического минимума.



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