Я вернулась!

Hello readers! I’m finally back from my seven-day hiatus with some photographs of what I was doing during that time.

s beach 1
Evening at S. Beach
s beach 2
Sunrise at S. Beach

I visited two different beaches, S. Beach (above) and C.G. Beach (below) for my first real vacation in about two years.

sunrise cg beach 1
Sunrise at C.G. Beach.

sunrise cg beach 2

Aside from doing the normal beach- and summer-related things, I also devoted significant time to beach-combing and shelling. I love to collect small items, especially those from the natural world (fossils, stones, feathers, and shells). Both S. and C.G. Beach turned out to be great hunting places.

Top (from left): Coquinas, Atlantic Semele, Ponderous Arks, Minor Jackknife, and Cockle shell from S. Beach. Bottom: Coquinas, Duck clams, Ponderous Arks, Transverse Arks, Oysters, Semeles, Kitten’s Paws, really weird flat shell, Lightning Whelk and Button from C.G. Beach. Note the color, pattern and species variation from S. Beach and C.G. Beach (south of S.)

I collected a good number of shark teeth from C.G. Beach as well. I wonder what kind of sharks dropped these.

I have no idea why most of them are a shiny black color…

Off camera, I biked on the beach, ate all manners of seaweed and fish, and did some reading – Bryan Stevenson’s Just Mercy and Svetlana Stephenson’s Gangs of Russia (fascinating).

…And that’s about it. All about my vacation that’s worth sharing. I’m somewhat glad to be back to blogging. Somewhat, I say, because the academic year starts in a week. 😦


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  1. Glad to hear you had some beach time. I love the beach – always find it rejuvenating. In fact, I’ll be having my own beach time next month. Lovely shells and shark’s teeth, by the way.

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