Review: Misinterpreting Modern Russia

This may turn out to be the second shortest of my reviews.

Bruno Sergi’s book Misinterpreting Modern Russia asserts that the West has wrongly condemned President Putin for not conforming to its self-image of virtuous politics. Fair enough. However, the quality of writing is extremely poor. The use of inappropriate subordinate clauses and absurd generalizations, implicit expectations, unexplained/unconvincing conclusions, insufficient evidence and so forth, makes it practically unreadable. Regardless of where one’s sympathies lie in the current crisis of Russian relations, readers will probably prefer a writer who can present evidence and make compelling arguments.

There is nothing sadder in this world than wasted potential.

Misinterpreting Modern Russia by Bruno S. Sergi. Pub. 2009 by Bloomsbury Academic. Harcover, 290 pages. ISBN13: 9780826427724



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