Why I don’t do Russia analysis

  1. It’s time-consuming. The research part isn’t that bad, but writing a sound analysis takes several drafts. I’d have to drop analyses immediately once the academic year comes around again.
  2. If you don’t already know, I’m a student of Russia. I don’t have the RAS degree or the field experience that would qualify me to write analyses on current trends in Russian affairs. But there are many fair-minded Russia watchers, academics and journalists out there who do. Go to them. They will appreciate your patronage.
  3. On this blog, analysis and opinion come second to book critiques. Funny, I know, considering non-review posts currently outnumber review posts. But I began Russia Reviewed as a book-review blog, and a book-review blog it will stay.
  4. The internet can be a dangerous place to share one’s opinion, especially when the topic in question is Russia. It’s one thing to write book reviews/exclusively on book-related topics, but it’s another thing to write analyses of real-world events and politics. I consider my readers and commenters very mature, but there’s always the risk of encountering someone who’s thin-skinned or takes what I say the wrong way. The risk is bound to grow when I include my overt opinion. I don’t want to divide readers, crack down on trolls or police the comments if it can be avoided.



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