A brief respite from Russia

Following on the heels of Весна пришла and Лето пришло, here’s another window into J.T.’s Magical Bug World that probably doesn’t belong on this blog. All photos are my own.

First, we have a Mottled Bomolocha moth on the wall of a building.


A caterpillar on a deck chair…if you have any idea what species this is, I’d love to know.


A [Carolina? Pallid-Winged?] grasshopper I caught…


A green june beetle, one of thousands humming and skimming across my lawn today (the mating season has begun). Note the deformities on the shell and wing cases.


Some caterpillars [of unknown species] I found decimating my young willow:



Here is a female Tile-horned Prionus (longhorn beetle), attempting to lay her eggs in the soil between a rock and some moss. Unfortunately, at the time this photo was taken, she was dying: the underside of her thorax was crushed and oozing “blood”. Some of the blood is also visible on the rock.


A little bit of night hunting turned up an Ailanthus Webworm moth and a Tufted Bird Dropping moth on the wall of a building…



And a sinister Tomentose burying beetle that hitchhiked on my car window. But that’s okay, because it repaid the favor by creepily lingering for a grainy photo.


I was an insectophile before I became a Russia-watcher. 🙂


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