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  1. 1) On the “Yarovaya package”

    Honestly, I don’t really care about it. True, the fact that in the Western, Ukrainian and Russian liberal Media said legislation is presented as something sinister, dangerous and “Big Brother”-style (which is rather rich coming from the American Media) makes me feel good and confident about usefulness of this law.

    I see nothing shocking or “totalitarian” in the fact that now people will be imprisoned to (o, horror!) “up to 1 year” for not reporting and hiding information on the preparation of the terrorist attack, murder, etc. Google if you like “failure to report a crime in…” some other country. USA, for example.

    As for the part about “net” and telecom operators now storing up data about their clients – I feel safe. Despite wailing of clearly humanitarian educated journos who bash this law I know that this won’t require much place to store – a couple of servers at max. The thing is – this kind of data would be totally useless, because actually reading, watching and/or listening to all this massive slice of data still requires a human being. Who will waste so much on that? And even if, say, the Service is “wiring” and collects all possible data on a terrorist suspect, this data still could be not so helpful for them. What if said individual is communicating with his fellow suspects in some sort of local dialect that is known only in their part of the country, using references to events, people, favorite donkeys etc. that only said individual and other potential terrorists can identify as stand ins for, basically anything? I’m doubting, that our Special Services have enough linguists, culturologists etc. who could gather anything useful from this garbage.

    What might very well happened is that now greedy net and telecom operators requiring the increase in tariffs from their clients – while demanding “compensations” from the government “for inconvenience”. Well, what you are really expecting from the adepts of Free Market? But while blame Russian government for that…

    2) On Russian “emigration”

    I already quoted Leonid Bershidsky – if a rabid Putinophobe and proponent of the idea that Russian people must “pay and repent” for their crimes (no kidding – that’s what he wrote after Obama’s visit to Japan, when the POTUS didn’t apologise for Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings) says that the panic is totally baseless, well, I dunno what can convince people these days. And he wrote his piece as direct answer to this piece of… Stratfor.

    3) On new idiocy from Monsieur Tsvetkov – the Self-Hating Russian

    It hardly surprises me that he, once again, blindly trusts the official American version of the events. Why, he even calls it a “hybrid warfare”. All true! Evil agents of KGB sneak into US diplomats flats to do all kinds of nefarious things. He only failed to report the rest of their “terror tactics” clearly employed to harass honest American diplomats. FSB/KGB, on direct orders of tyrant Vlad Putin, also:

    Steals socks. They also steal or misplace ONE sock of the esteemed diplomat, causing his person innumerable kind of psychological damage.
    Steals toothpaste. Every time the US State Dept employee thinks that there is still enough paste, maybe at the very bottom of the tube – turns out someone already stole it! And the same kind of black op is carried out with shampoos and shaving creams.
    Strategically places dust all across the apartment. It is a well known fact (which needs not proof at all) that there are entire secret schools of Spetznaz GRU, that dedicate time to reaching their cadets how stealthily enter the apartment of the potential enemy and place ordinary dust in a thin layer all across its surface – especially in the most hard to reach areas.

    Broken umbrellas, spoiled foodstuffs, snow in the winter, heat in the summer, raindrops during the rain – this all could be linked to the works of the nefarious and sinister KGB. This, btw, reminds me of one humorous poem (which I read and learned by heart years ago). The logic train is similar.

    Self-Hating Russian Monsieur Tsvetkov so faithfully believes his American betters, who provided so many “examples” that he even doesn’t bother to ask them for proofs of these “examples”. Not a link. I can do this too! I can provide “examples” of Monsieur Tsvetkov eating earthworms – daily, in large quantities. I guess, he (such a trusting soul!) won’t question my claims and ask for a proof – even if I will go further, and claim that his parents do this too.

    And now – a dose of reality. How horribly, terribly bad do the brave State Dept employees live in Mordor:

    a) Press-Secretary of the USA Embassy in Moscow Will Stevens trolls vatniks. Hilarious, right? Ukrainians promise to kill all “vatniks, rushkovans and colorado beetles”, liberasts in Russia call vatniks “biological trash”, and our dear US SD employee… well, he is in mainstream.

    b) UK consul in my native (and, sadly, liberast occupied Yekaterinburg) were staging closed gay-party with Sir Ian MacKellen as the guest star. Local authorities did nothing to hinder them in any way. It was local activists who simply stood near the entrance to the hotel and filmed all entering. They were in the public area – had all rights to do that.

    c) In late May a bunch of shady US “diplomats” suddenly went to Kater (gee, they like my native city – no wonder, with a mayor like Royzman!) for all kinds of clandestine meetings. All without press, of course.

    AFAIK, Russian embassy in the US didn’t conduct itself in such way.

    We are talking about diplomats who (if you click some of the link on this page) meet with businessmen, banned organizations and “human rights activists” without press and interference from the authorities – for a long time. Now, for the first time, they are encountering resistance to their clandestine meeting with people who are either a well know members of the fifth column (no sarcasm here – they are) or who could become them, avoiding all press. Ordinary Russians are opposing that. Instead of calling it a “act of the civil society” they dismiss it as “Kremlin-sent crowds”, although they have no proof of Kremlin’s involvement. Unless we have 80+% of agents of Putin living in Russia.

    4) On click bait about Evul ROC wanting to ban abortions

    What the document actually says?

    “creation of crisis pregnancy centers at hospitals with the participation of psychologists and participation of representatives of religious organizations of the Russian Orthodox Church in advising women who are planning to terminate the pregnancy, in medical institutions””

    “posting information of religious organizations of the Russian Orthodox Church on the stands in medical institutions”

    How evil! And totalitarian! Totally unlike free and democratic Poland, a Middle-Eastern European economic tiger and staunch supporter of the NATO, where more than 500 000 signed a petition to completely ban ALL forms of abortion. And now glorious Polish Sejm (which just a few days ago recognized the Volhynia massacre of the Poles by OUN-UPA thugs as a genocide) will discuss and possibly vote on it. The ruling government is more or less in favor of that.

    I always thought that there is a difference between “advising not to do smth” (and not “preventing” it) and “banning smth completely” there is huge difference. Apparently, this difference is lost to the Media.

    UPD. This version HAS ф link to my gist of Bershidsky article.

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    • On the Yarovaya laws – I believe we Westerners are freaking out because we know/assume that even if the laws were created with noble enough intentions – preventing terrorism – they will be enforced arbitrarily against domestic opponents, present and potential. But you probably already know that (Western POV, not the laws’ implication).


      • Now both Yarovaya herself (in Rossiya 24 interview) and the Minister of Telecommunications Nikolay Nikiforov (in – suddenly! – interview to RBK) said, that the government won’t allow telecom-operators to raise their tariffs due to the “Yarovaya Package”. Bloody Regime – cares about the people, while suppress honest and hard working capitalists! Why Alexey Navalny is silent?

        As for the legislation “be enforced arbitrarily against domestic opponents, present and potential” – people who claim that has very tenous understandng about both our fifth columnists and how the Security and Itelligence Services operate. What, if Russian oppos break the law they should get special treatment? The government already has enough blackmail and criminal case material to lock up about half of them – even without reading or listening to their moronic messages. It’s the same as with creation of RosGvardia. Both the liberasts and the West became hysterical, that “Putin is tightening the screws”, that he “creates his own Pretorians” in order to “crush the violent protests after obviously rigged elections”. One has to be a complete idiot to doubt that before RosGvardiya’s creation Kremlin had no resources to bash the heads of protesters and disperse unsanctioned rallies – even big ones. But because they operate on Cospiracy Theory 101 premise that “There is No Such Thing as a Coincidence”, they will surely tie down ANYTHING as some sort of evil and vile scheme of the Dark One to strenghten his grip on oppressed Russia.


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